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In the US, trucking companies follow federal regulations for all quarter-ton and larger fleet trucks. The laws require the owners to use diesel exhaust fluid in the vehicles. The regulations outline how much of the fluid to use for each trip according to the miles traveled. Trucking company owners who use the fluid reap extraordinary benefits and improve their vehicles.

Improves Horsepower, Torque, and Fuel Economy

Diesel exhaust fluid improves the horsepower of the fleet trucks and gives the vehicles more torque. The added power improves the vehicle’s fuel economy and controls costs for owners. The fleet trucks remain well-tuned and achieve higher performance levels for the company. The fleet owners get a higher return on their investment overall.

Helps Vehicles Pass Emissions Tests

Federal and state authorities require the fleet trucks to pass emissions tests before operating them on the road. Fleet trucks that don’t use the correct fluid increase nitrous oxide emissions that are harmful to the environment. The diesel exhaust fluid converts the nitrous oxide into a safer water and hydrogen mixture.

How Does It Decrease Pollution

Nitrous oxide is dangerous to the environment, and fleet trucks that aren’t compliant with federal regulations emit more pollution into the air. Fleet owners who install selective catalytic reduction systems control the emissions and complete the conversion properly. If all fleet owners use the exhaust fluid appropriately, the pollution levels decrease dramatically, and they do their part to protect the environment and reduce climate change.

Decreases Maintenance Costs for Fleet Trucks

Fleet trucks operating with the right exhaust fluids don’t require extensive maintenance. In fact, the fluid decreases the frequency of standard maintenance. The company owners won’t need to schedule oil changes as often. Their drivers stay on the road longer and complete more deliveries. It is a cost-effective solution for owning and operating fleet trucks.

In the US, trucking companies improve fleet truck operations with the right diesel exhaust fluid. The vehicles pass emissions tests if the drivers use the fluid as outlined in the federal regulations. They also decrease pollution volumes and improve the environment. Fleet owners who want to learn more about DEF contact their preferred suppliers now.

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