If you are much like me, incorporating a certain amount of music with your daily routine enhances good health and overall positive ‘Mo-Jo.’ Unfortunately, of course we all get older and glance at the many phases of life, priorities shift and also the time deal with keep current with the latest and greatest music falls lower out there. Then we get up one day, and realize music is not a part of our day to day life aside from the short commute back and forth from work. This doesn’t add some reality – how from touch we become with the most recent artists.

How depressing.

On October 23, 2001 the iPod became available. Shortly thereafter, most of us went through the method (or watched our do it) of finding out how to ‘rip’ our CD collection into digital music (MP3, AAC, etc.) stored locally on our computers. We were then in complete mobile music bliss taking our iPods to a health club and enjoying our old collections of music. Thank you Apple for becoming successful at selling us they; we like them. By the end of Q3 2009, Apple sold 218,048,000 iPods. A big number.

In 2000, the Music Genome Project birthed using the most sophisticated taxonomy of musical information ever collected. It represents over eight numerous analysis by way of a trained team of musicologists, and spans everything completely back to the Renaissance and Classical music. Today a lot of people (including me) use and love the successful commercial-free Internet Radio service called Pandora, based on the Music Genome Project. Although I could not get my on the job public data showing the precise amount of registered (web and iPhone, Palm, Blackberry, Android, etc.) users of Pandora, I can assure you the numbers may be large. There is another highly-popular Internet Radio service called Last.FM, that gives a similar or improved (dependant upon who you talk to) unlimited genre/artist-specific music experience. Both these free (ad-supported) or affordable (roughly $30-$40/year) paid services allow users to pick genre or artist-based channels to take pleasure from on a computer, mobile device, or home music system (ex. Sonos.) Net net, Internet Radio services come in strong growth mode and building significant and loyal audiences.

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