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Learn the Puppy Potty Training Tips.

Nowadays, people have become fond of keeping pets. For many people, a dog is a favorite pet. You will, however, come across different dog breeds. If you are thinking of adopting Maltese puppies, for instance, puppy potty training will be necessary. During house training a puppy, it is good that you remain patient and consistent, as well as have positive reinforcement. The goal should be to impart good habits and building a loving bond between you and your pet.

House training puppies can be done in various ways. Training your puppy to pee on a house training pad is one option. There are, however, several potty training tips for puppies. The first thing is to choose an area to keep the pads for your puppy to use. The area should be confined so that the puppy will only have limited options. You can keep the training pads in the laundry, kitchen or den.

When choosing the area where to place the house training pads, ensure the floor will be easy to clean. A good option would be tile and linoleum floors. Watching for signs is the next thing you need after setting the training pads. You need to help your pet get started after setting everything in place. Spending time with him will help you watch for signs when he needs to relieve himself.

Once you notice the signs, you should take the puppy where you have placed the house training pads and give word to associate with the pad. Ensure that he uses the training pad as designed and appreciate him to show that it is a good thing.

The next thing you will need is having a schedule for your puppy. Eventually, the puppy will learn he is required to use the pads when he wants to relieve himself. However, frequent encouragement will be needed at first. Having a definite schedule can be very helpful for your puppy.

For instance, you can take your puppy to the training pad in the morning immediately he wakes up, after eating, after waking up from naps, and after a long play session. During such times, puppies will want to relieve themselves.

Another important thing is watching for accidents. Accidents are obvious while when training your puppy to use house training pads. When you get him having an accident, just startle him by clapping your hands or making a loud noise to alert him it is not appropriate. Afterwards, take the puppy to the house training pads. If the accident has already happened, just let it go.

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