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Indicators of an Abusive relationship

Being in love with someone is a good experience. Two strangers meet and in no time they start loving each other. In most cases people are abused in relationships without them even knowing that they are being abused. Most people think that the only form of abuse is in physical form. You may decide to seek help for you to be a stable couple. This article will help you figure out if you are in an abusive relationship or not.

It is okay for one to feel jealous but excess jealousy is not a good sign. Your partner’s jealousy begins to worsen and they start to suspect that you may be disloyal or accuse you of cheating. You are forced to end all the connections that you have with the outside world to stop your partner from being jealous. In an attempt to hide their jealousy, they start acting like they are the victim reminding you of their past infidelity experiences. You look contact from the outside world and only remain with your partner. You may try to persuade your partner to seek help from a family violence intervention program. Once you get help from the family violence intervention program, you may be able to reconnect with your other loved ones.

Even in a relationship you will need your personal space. When the protection from your partner becomes too much, then it is not a good thing. You can no longer do your things in peace with an overprotecting partner. You never want to miss any call or fail to reply to any text message to avoid problems. You can’t have your privacy with a partner who doesn’t give you space Your partner may claim that he or she shows care in that manner. For your relationship to stop being exhausting, you may go for a family violence intervention program.

Put-downs is another sign of an abusive relationship. It is hard for you to do your things without your partner negatively complementing you. Your partner is never at fault and always blames you for overreacting. You need to convince your partner and seek guidance from a family violence intervention program.

Putting an act in public is also another sign of an abusive relationship. Your partner could pretend to be nice when you are in the company of other people and turn into someone else when it is just the two of you. In this case, no one will be able to believe that you are being abused because of the different picture that your partner portrays when you are in public. You can find help in a family violence intervention program. You are on the safe side if you know of these signs of abuse.

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