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The Best Bounce House Games You Can Consider Including at Your Party

If there is one event that most people usually long for is their birthdays which usually happen every year. Most of the people usually plan a lot for their birthdays because no one wants that the to be boring. Apart from the food, cake, drinks and music, games are usually one of the most important things to plan for. Planning for childbirth they might even be a little bit more difficult. The reason why it might be a little be difficult is because you may not be certain about the fun activities you would include for the child’s birthday that would be most suitable for the event. The most effective option that you would be advised to go for is a bouncing castle and it is guaranteed to make your birthday memorable. One thing that is assured with the bouncing castle is that no one will be bored since they will all be occupied and have an amazing experience at your party. However, your options are not just limited to a bouncing castle since there are several other options you can consider.

One option that will greatly come in handy when looking for fun games is popcorn. How this game works is that one child would sit at the middle with crossed legs and the others would bounce them. One loses the game when the change positions or tumble over and therefore get off the middle. You can do this over and over and get every child to take a turn in the middle. The one who is celebrating the birthday could then have a special turn. To make it even more interesting, you can introduce a prize for the one that stays longest.

Freeze bounce is also one of the best options for you. People really like this game and it has been said to make use of the listening skills and physical activity of the children at the same time. How this game is played is that you play fun music while the children a bouncing. Anytime you stop the music, everyone must freeze and remain in the position they are and those who move lose the game. Because the bouncing castle continues moving even when people freeze, anyone who falls is out and this makes it even more interesting.

Another game you should definitely consider is the 30 second challenge. For this one, you will be required to bounce in a particular way for 30 seconds and then change to another for the next 30 seconds. You can give people difficult ways such as bouncing with one leg or hands behind the back.

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