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The Importance of Mouth Guards and Which Type is the Most Appropriate for Your Needs

People of all ages would need dental health protection and this comes in the form of mouth guards. About 60% of athletes in particular are said to be wearing mouth guards when they are playing sports. Mouth guards are also used by individuals to help them in some health issues such as sleep apnea.

It is therefore informative for one to learn about the different kinds of mouth guards available in the market and their purposes to help you decide which one is the right piece for your case.

There are many reasons why a person would wear a mouth guard, whether you are an athlete or not. We are going to discuss briefly below some the most popular reasons why these devices are used.

Teeth can be protected from fractures and displacement, and this is a reason why a person wears a mouth guard. While participating in a sport, the teeth and jaw of an individual can be protected from fractures of teeth or jaw. You can also avoid tooth loss and displacement of tooth if you wear a mouth guard that fits you properly.

Not only will mouth guards protect your teeth, you can also be protected against other injuries when wearing them. Injuries on soft tissues such as tongue, gums, lips and cheeks are being prevented from injuries too when one wears mouth guard. It is also observed that athletes avoid experiencing serious injuries like concussions with the help of the mouth guards being worn at the time of impact.

Another reason in wearing a mouth guard is to minimize the effects of teeth grinding of people who usually grind their teeth or clench their jaws at night. By wearing the device, a separation is created between your teeth thus preventing them from wearing down while you grind them as you sleep.

For those who are suffering from sleep apnea, mouth guards can help them manage their sleep. There is a type of mouth guard that can alter the position of your jaw while you are asleep. By using this kind of mouth guard, one’s breathing becomes easy through the night since it helps keep the airway open of the person.

If you have the tendency to snore while sleeping, you might want to wear a mouth guard to reduce your snoring. The design of these mouth guards is also meant to keep your jaw in place and keep your airway open, plus they are less expensive and can be bought over the counter.

As mentioned, mouth guards come in different types, and among the more popular ones are the stock mouth protectors, “boil and bite” mouth protectors, custom-fit mouth protectors, and the nocturnal bite plate/bite splint type.

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