2. The sanction of a person for contempt of court for violating a protection order issued under this section or an acceptance agreement approved under this section does not exclude the prosecution of the person for violation of Section 2919.27 of the revised code. However, a person sanctioned for contempt of court is entitled to recognition for the sentence imposed in the event of a conviction for violation of this section and a person convicted of violating that section will not be punished at a later date for contempt of court resulting from the same activity. 6. (a) When a petitioner or the child of a petitioner: a protection decision or acceptance agreement in accordance with the department (E) (1) of this section or a provisional protection decision, in accordance with paragraph 2919.26 of the revised code, and which is the subject of an education order in accordance with paragraph 3109 .051 [3109.05.1] or 3109 12 of the revised code or a visitation or accompanying mandate in accordance with Section 3109.051 [3109.05.1] , 3109.11 or 3109.12 of the revised code or division (E) (1)).d) of this section where the respondent granted the respondent a right to education, the court may require the County Children`s Services Office in which the court is based to be responsible for overseeing the exercise of the period of education or the defendant`s custody or support rights for the child for a period of no more than nine months. , when the court makes the following factual findings: (2) All law enforcement agencies establish and maintain an index of protection orders and authorized approval agreements that are notified to agencies in accordance with the Department (F) (1) of this section. For each contract and approval agreement, each agency sets on the index the date and time at which it received the order or approval. 3. Whether the petitioner has registered the order or agreement in the county where the officer`s authority is responsible under The Division (N) of this section, any official of a law enforcement service implements a protection or approval decision approved by a jurisdiction of that state in accordance with the provisions of the order or agreement, including, if applicable, , the respondent`s withdrawal from the premises. (h) to grant other facilities that the court deems fair and equitable, including, but not limited to the respondent`s order, to authorize the use of a motor vehicle by the petitioner or another family member or member of the household and the division of personal property of households and family members. (N) 1. Any petitioner who receives a protection decision or approval agreement pursuant to this section or interim protection decision pursuant to Section 2919.26 of the revised Code; issuing or approving the order or agreement to law enforcement officers in a county other than the county where the decision is made, or by registering that order or agreement in the other county in accordance with Division (N) (2) and filing a copy of the order or agreement registered with : from a law enforcement service in the other county, in accordance with this department.

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