More arrested drivers have the privilege of offering for the routes they want. The best routes, employees say, cover a lot of land, but have few stops. For example, rural roads are often guided by employees who have done their time. The drivers spoke on condition of anonymity, fearing they would lose their jobs. A UPS spokesman said the company had ordered surfaces of its facilities and vehicles to be wiped daily and encouraged employees to stay home if they feel sick. The spokesman also said the company provides masks for drivers who deliver to medical facilities and nursing homes. The spokesman said drivers can wash their hands in the companies they use, but not specifically a question about workers` supply of gloves, disinfectant or disinfectant wipes. Meanwhile, UPS drivers feel that their concerns have been ignored. On an internal employee website, a UPS message that the company is taking care of employee safety was confronted with dozens of comments asking why the facilities had not been cleaned and when workers would receive protective equipment, as reported in NBC News screenshots. Deliveries increase during the coronavirus pandemic, since Americans at work and school stay home, but 12 UPS drivers in nine states tell NBC News they don`t believe their company has done enough to protect workers or the millions of customers they serve. One may also ask, what does it mean if UPS says left in the apartment? If the driver has delivered your shipment elsewhere, you must have received a UPS InfoNotice indicating where the shipment was left (for example. B, a neighbour`s home or leasing office). If you still can`t find the package, contact the package sender to start a follow-up process with UPS.

“Most UPS drivers are attacked by dogs,” says a former American driver from New Orleans. “What you do is jump on the hood of the nearest vehicle and not move. There were drivers sitting on the hood of a car for an hour or more.¬†Of course, UPS doesn`t train its drivers to jump on cars to avoid dogs, but it tells them to shout “UPS!¬†before entering the property so that the dogs are not on their guard. Their hand-held devices can also trace homes that might have dangerous dogs on the property and warn motorists in advance. “We want to protect our drivers,” Cardillo says. UPS agreed Wednesday with the Teamsters to grant up to 10 days of paid emergency leave to employees diagnosed with the virus, live in a household with a diagnosed person or be forced into quarantine. A driver who drives without an accident for 25 years is included in the “Circle of Honor” USB and receives a special bandage and bomber jacket. Today, many routes are designed to turn left, and UPS says that since 2004, the policy has saved 100 million gallons of gas and reduced carbon emissions by 100,000 tons.

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