For students in exchange for bilateral agreements, Nordplus or Linnaeus-Palme Your agreement with the University of Malmo and how you count your credit points on your return to Malmo. The apprenticeship agreement must be signed responsibly or equivalently by your head of department or program/course before departure. It should also be signed by your host university. If you are unsure of the signature, speak to your international coordinator. Don`t forget to bring this! Please include your name and student number (z.B. s1234567). In the event of payment from abroad, all bank fees are borne by the applicant. You can pay your visa and accommodation fees in a transaction. 2.

After possible adjustments to the course choice, etc. of the above documents, complete the “section that will be concluded during mobility” of your learning arrangement above. Send this completed document to your international coordinator. . Course occupation – What courses can I take abroad? Here you will find an overview of the type of accommodation we offer. Foreign applications to the faculty (z.B. KuWi, WiWi-Essen) . Below are two templates that you can use for reference letters. Please note that these forms are intended for general guidance – if your arbitrator prefers to write his or her own reference letter, this will also be accepted. A number of documents are available for a stay under the ERASMUS programme.

A checklist can be found here. Once your application has been accepted and you have confirmed your participation in VUnet, you can request accommodation at VUnet. Accommodation is allocated on the basis of a paid first service system. The date on which THE VU Amsterdam will receive payment for your accommodation costs will determine your place in the queue. Once you have completed the application for accommodation in VUnet, a link to the online payment of accommodation costs will be available at VUnet. The supporting courses depend on the university`s course catalogue for each semester. As a general rule, students can follow the course catalogues for the last semester. Course catalogues or modular textbooks through the corresponding partner university or its home page.

Alternatively, the course catalog can also be searched via Google. It is not easy to find a place in Amsterdam, as there is a serious shortage of housing for students. Although the International Bureau of the VU amsterdam will do its best to organize suitable accommodation for all, VU Amsterdam cannot offer accommodation in the following cases: Application file – What documents do I need to find for the application? Please transfer the accommodation costs. Accommodation is allocated on the basis of a paid first service system. The date on which THE VU Amsterdam receives the payment determines your place in the queue. Accommodation costs are charged to cover our costs of providing accommodation services to international students. For 1 semester of exchange study, the tax is 250 euros. For students in exchange for one year, the fee is 500 euros for all contracts. We recommend using the online payment tool, but it is also possible to pay the fee by bank transfer.

Bank details are as follows: Download your document as soon as it is complete with all the information and signatures here.

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