Al Suwaidi indicated that the client can download the rental contract on the municipality`s website and then conclude the necessary procedures for renewal or certification in electronic form or through service centers or rent control service in the various agencies. He also indicated that the municipality has updated the system of ratification of contracts to deduct 2% of the contractual value, in addition to the possibilities of ratification of the leases, including the various service centers of the commune and the online service of the municipality, where the tenant can create a user account on the site, register there, click on the option “electronic and intelligent services” and then choose “services of the section of rent regulation”. According to Thabit Al Taraifi, General Manager of The Sharjah Municipality, this includes the certification of new leases for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. “Starting Monday, the municipality will reduce royalties by the end of March 2021,” he said. The owner is legally required to carry out all necessary maintenance of the premises. Small maintenance work is the tenant`s obligation, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in their agreement. In cases where the landlord sells the dwelling, building or property, the lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant is not affected and continues to be exploited. This also applies in the event of the owner`s death. This is the end of MyBayut`s guide to important laws and regulations of sharjah on rents. Use this article to stay informed when signing your lease on the Sharjah Municipality`s lease rules. For more information, you can also contact HHS Lawyers info@hhslawyers.com or 04-255-5496.

In Abu Dhabi, landlords must declare a lease in the Tawtheeq system, which is the municipal register of leases. Once the lease is filed, the accommodation costs of 3 per cent of the annual rental value are billed evenly over 12 months. This amount is added to the tenant`s monthly water and electricity bill. Sharjah: Sharjah Municipality has announced that it will stop all paper document transactions for the registration and renewal of real estate leases and replace them with electronic leases issued on its website. There is no rent limit in the emirate of Sharjah. After three years, the rent amount can be revised by the lessor, provided that this revision is consistent with comparable real estate in the same area or in the same area. To enter into a rental agreement with the landlord and/or real estate agent, the tenant must present identity documents containing a copy of his passport, a valid residence visa and an Emirates ID, in addition to post-taken cheques, covering payments for the agreed rental period. In Sharjah, leases are registered with the municipality of Sharjah. Leases between landlords and tenants must be registered by the competent authority in each emirate.

Registration of rental contracts is mandatory to combine the services required for rental accommodation. These include water, electricity, gas and telecommunications services. According to HHS Lawyers, a leading law firm in the United Arab Emirates, sharjah has certain lease laws regarding early termination of the lease. By law, tenants cannot terminate the lease before the contract expires, except for the appearance of a force majeure event (beyond your control). Otherwise, tenants are legally required to enter into the lease until the end of its term. The Sharjah Rental Dispute Committee consists of three committees – one judge and two experts. The DRC is responsible for verifying all rental and rental issues of real estate based in Sharjah. The DRC`s decision is final in cases where the valuation value is AED 100,000 (VAE Dirhams 100,000); However, such claims may be appealed in the following cases (Article 24): despite persistent demands from tenants for a rent ceiling, which would probably be the only

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