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Blogging has become a popular way to share information and write about a topic that draws vast numbers of readers. People who chose a passion rather than a topic to write about are typically more successful than those writing about topics they assume people want to read. Whichever type of blog is started, a platform must be selected first.

The Advantages of No Cost

Free platforms for blogging, such as WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger, allow people to set up a blog with no cost. This is ideal for those with low incomes and people not sure if blogging will be for them. A large platform will have numerous tools for designing the blog pages and layout of the landing page. This si the first step toward how to make a blog for free.

A plethora of add-ons and plug-in are included to improve a blog site, make it more interesting, and attract more traffic. Each one has a detailed description to help bloggers determine which ones are suited to their site. Some are general in scope while others are specific to certain topics.


A free platform has a large support forum for bloggers. People with questions or problems can ask about them and get responses from professionals, as well as experienced bloggers. Knowing you are not forging a blog alone will relieve anxiety and make the process smoother.

A Few Downfalls

Free platforms are wonderful but do have some limitations. One is a common address for the blog because all will end with “, or”. The name of the blog does come first so this is a minor drawback and well worth working with a free option.

The inability to upload images and videos can restrict the content if the blog needs several visual components to approach or explain the topic. An image or video of a certain way to quilt, for example, is helpful when explaining how to accomplish the task. Descriptive narrative is essential when using a free platform.

The last caveat is that bloggers do not own their blogs. This means the blog can be deleted at the discretion of the platform owners. No notice is required before deleting takes place. If these issues are an area of concern, bloggers can select platforms that incur a monthly cost.

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