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Your Complete Guide to Buying Used ATVs

The first ATV that was invented was three-wheeler. ATVs are all-terrain vehicles and they resemble the motorcycles only that they have four wheels. ATVs are common nowadays and you can be able to go to an ATV dealer near you that can help you get the ATV that you will need and will impress your friends during parties. Sometimes buying a new ATV can be expensive and therefore you can opt to buy a used ATV. As you will be looking for a used ATV you will need to follow some guidelines, learn more about ATV safety tips. The following guidelines will help you when purchasing a used ATV.

The first guideline that you will need to follow when looking to buy used ATV will be to look at the tires, learn more about ATV safety tips. By looking at the tire conditions there is a need to use a flashlight for examining how the tires look like. You will need to use the light by lighting the rays at the treads of the tires and the sidewalls to see if the tires have rubber chunks missing as well as cracked tires. As the ATV will get to be used for a long period, the tires will age and will cause the tires to develop some cracks. If the tires are cracked, they can be hazardous to drive on and you might need to replace the whole set, learn more about ATV safety tips. You will also need to look at the ball joints, bearings, and the shocks to see if they are in good working status.

The second thing that you will need to check before buying a used ATV will be to look at the engine, learn more about ATV safety tips. It is important to see and inspect whether the engine is leaking. Examine the valve covers and head gaskets for any oil leaks. Use a cloth to wipe over the valve cover and gaskets to see instances where you will see oil. If there will be fresh oil the owner should make a point of replacing the gaskets. Verify and also see that the air filter has been well maintained and there will be no need for any necessary replacement of the air filter.

The third thing you will need to look at will be the brakes before you buy a used ATV, learn more about ATV safety tips. Check and confirm that the brake pads are functioning well with help from your friend.

Finally, ask the seller some questions. You will need to know why the ATV is being sold and the previous history of the ATV. In conclusion, the guidelines above will be of help when buying a used ATV.

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