The main features of the agreement are that all staff are paid according to the rates on the national salary list and that academic and university staff are rated according to a national rating structure, supported by a library of national role profiles that defines the nature of roles within each new rank. The title “Reader” may be awarded as a sign of personal distinction to a manager who has made a remarkable contribution to the promotion of his discipline through original research and/or an innovative application. The title of professor can be awarded to a public servant who, over a long period of time, has made an outstanding contribution to the initial research and who is widely recognized as an internationally recognized authority on its territory. This process allows UCU branches to ensure that the terms of their implementation agreement are fully in line with the national agreement and comparable to those agreed in other institutions. The agreement and the negotiating machines were revised by mutual agreement in 2013 [link]. We are currently working under this agreement. However, we found that the full scope of the new JNCHES agreement often remains unexplored and there are often differences of opinion between unions and employer representatives on the limits of opportunities that are less than the agreement. The UCU and the other JNCHES unions believe that wage issues should be negotiated at the sectoral policy negotiating table at the UK level, while UCEA has repeatedly stated that these are issues for local institutions that negotiate and are in agreement with their locally recognised trade union branches. The framework agreement is an agreement reached in 2004 between employers and national unions to modernise higher education wage structures. In addition, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) compiles an annual personal record that provides detailed information on university staff in the four Uk countries. It includes the number of employees and characteristics such as ethnicity and nationality; Employment contracts and conditions of employment; and staff working in different academic disciplines.

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