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What is the Police Brutality and What Steps Should You Take Once It Happens?

Public speaking is very good and when you are one time or another you may be randomly be called to speak on certain issues especially social issues, you will need to have information since a lot of people will be listening.

As a public speaker an issue like police brutality needs to be at your fingertips because you may be called randomly to speak about it, these law enforcers at times at times confront people and this is agonist their principles and as much as they have the legal powers to use force, sometimes it can be abused and used too much.

At times you may find some of the police officers are misusing their power and trust and are using unnecessary force that what is required , if that happens you will need to take measures and file for police brutality, because the situation can escalate and be lethal and dangerous.

Police misconduct are the activities which are done by the police officer like witness tampering, false imprisonment and spoiling the evidence, this kind of misconduct is shocking especially when it is coming from a law officer and this is termed as police misconduct.

There are different forms of police brutality and the most common one is the physical one where the police will use too much force on someone like batons, teasers, pepper sprays and other things which will cause pain or even a gun.

There are different forms of police harassment and brutality and this could be like false arrests, being abused verbally, sexual harassment, racial profiling, political repression and police intimidation among others which will make the person feel worthless in the hands of a police officer.

According to the Journal of the Policing Society it was found out the police officers will not report when there is an incident that is touching on brutality and will tend to have the silence code, and this has contributed on many police officers opting to keep quiet rather than reporting.

The history of police brutality dates back to the 1872 when it was first reported that a police officer assaulted a civilian at the Harrison Street Station but in the 19th century and it has been recorded to more prevalent nowadays.

As technology improves and continues , the police brutality is being reported more, smart phones have played a major role in recording and airing these brutalities and this has helped to prove that it was in fact police harassment, the media is also in the forefront in reporting the police brutalities more and this is helping to reach a large audience.

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