How Safe is UVC Light Disinfection?

UVC light has powerful germicidal effects. When applied correctly, it kills germs with very high levels of effectiveness. HVAC Engineering is a disinfection services company based in Singapore and believes in using cleaning products that aren’t harmful to us or the environment. UVC light provides germicidal capabilities without any harsh chemicals.

 How We Apply UV Light Disinfection

We offer the Ultraviolet sanitation with UVC light as a standalone service or in combination with our conventional cleaning methods. When combined with our Ordinary cleaning process, you get the highest level of sanitation and safety as much as possible. We want to help our clients in ensuring the safest home or the Office environment possible, by eliminating coronavirus COVID-19 to the greatest extent.

The ultraviolet light also sanitizes the air. For more details about UV Disinfection in Singapore, Contact HVAC Engineering Pte Ltd!

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